Friday, 23 March 2012

Spotlight On: Rag & Bone

So I've decided that once in a while, when I have a new brand crush, I will run a spotlight article on the line, building an entire outfit out of their pieces. Gives me a chance to get to know the brand better overall, and let's me show what I feel their vibe is on the blog.

Today I'm doing a spotlight on Rag & Bone, who's chunky winter coats I've liked for a while, but whom I've never before looked at closely for everyday. For those who don't know them well, they are a relatively young brand, started in the USA in 2002. My impression after going through their last few seasons is that the line focuses on several well tailored shapes per season, which are duplicated in a few high quality fabric combos. I actually really like this, because if you are a fan of the rather graphic overall shape, there are options for casual and work in the same cut. A blazer that you love for summer in navy and electric orange will also come in a sober charcoal merino.

Since it is the start of spring though, I'm going to go for bright, clean and transitional, something these guys do well.

To start, one of my favourite things on their site right now, the turquoise eyelet long sleeve top, $275

On top of that, I would wear the white merino Bromley Blazer with blue piping, $495

The blazer needs a sharp line, but the casual top needs something equally laid-back. Crisp white linen blend shorts will do the trick, a nod to warmer temperatures. $275. 

On my feet, I would go for white nubuck leather ballet flats, $295. Love the toe detail, with the geometric seam.

As for accessories, I absolutely love Rag & Bone's cork handbags this season. Simple and chic, with a caramel leather wrist strap, it's an interesting and practical day bag. $220. Also, the sunny yellow cotton Clement Scarf, to toss round my neck if it gets breezy. $115.


All in all, I really like the ease of this line. It's a very relaxed prep school feel, tailored just enough to feel well dressed, but still young and fun.
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  1. always lovely combos in ur blog <3

  2. Thanks guys :) you are my first commentators!