Thursday, 29 March 2012

The New Voltaire

Normally, I am a tailored clothes person. I love a sharply cut pair of trousers, an impeccably fitted blazer. I am a fan of having my clothes altered so they fit me to a T. But every once in a while, a girl needs to be comfy. Slouchy. So completely casual that she just oozes cool. So for my imaginary shopping trip today, I'm aiming for just that.

The inspiration for the look actually began with Candide. If you haven't read it, get your hands on a version translated to your native tongue (or read it en francais), because it's wonderful. Voltaire was a sharp cookie.
Anyway, this morning I was looking online for an antique edition of Candide to add to my small but growing collection of old books. I accidentally Googled "Voltaire" instead of "Candide" (it was early). And what do I find? Zadig et Voltaire, the French clothing line. Intrigued by their too-cool-to-do-laundry vibe, I started looking around the net, and that's when I found them. The pants that inspired my look today. So there you have it, Candide ---> pants in 4 steps. Skills.

The pants are thus: Slouchy and cropped, with patched knees and a near-neutral colour palette, I immediately fell in love with them. The very new-school-Japanese waist is a big factor. net-a-porter, £170

On top, I was feeling a slightly darker colour scheme. As a base layer, I want Chinti and Parker's organic cotton tank, in a slightly sheer taupe., £45

And on top of that, I wanted a dark, slightly metallic sweater to keep up with all things shiny this season. Chloe has a beautiful silver and forest green version with a loose open knit. I like that it looks worn in, like it's got a story to tell. net-a-porter, $1185

On my feet, I would wear Stella McCartney snake print ankle boots. The chunky wedge gives a tough edge to a beautiful shoe, and I love the colour palette here. Saks Fifth Avenue, $500

And a big silver cuff, also Zadig & Voltaire, to finish off., €950

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