Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Imaginary Closet

So today I was flipping through the Alexander McQueen SS12 lookbook, and I was like "AGGH". By which I of course meant "OH what I would give to have Look 14, with that gorgeous ruffled neckline and perfectly tailored waspish waist! Or maybe for next Friday night, that black lace mini from the ready-to-wear, with the faint rib-cage cutouts...". The other, more painful epiphany of my monosyllabic outburst though, was "My closet is sponsored by H&M".
The magic of a blog though, is that I can play pretend. Like a toddler rifling through mum's naughty-drawer, emerging triumphant wearing a black lace teddy as a turban, I'm going to imagine my closet is the size of Harrods, and stock it with every single thing I want.

So far, today, from McQueen, I want this...

and this...

And just maybe, since I'm going out, these Betsey Johnson pony-hair platforms.